Hi, I'm Catherine!

I'm a product designer, ex-digital-marketer with 3+ years of experience at software companies. I have a penchant for using research and data to drive decisions and growth.



End-to-End Mobile App

Role: Strategy | UX, UI | Branding

ChompChompNow is a mobile app that was designed to help people decide where to eat at with their friends.
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Retrofit Travel

E-commerce Site & Blog

Role: Strategy | UX, UI

Retrofit Travel is an online e-commerce site / blog. The website was redesigned to focus on the wants of the traveller who does research online - typically for high quality products.
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Conceptual Website

Role: UX, UI | Branding

Kaus is a conceptual insurance company that wants to reach the younger generation through a responsive e-commerce website that allows people to get a quote and buy insurance online.
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Invision DSM

Conceptual Redesign

Role: UX, UI

Invision DSM (Design System Manager) is used to build and manage UX components, and act as a single source of truth for designers and developers. I redesigned the DSM with added functionality, comprehensive on-boarding, and an updated UI for better information architecture.

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Other Projects

Loopio Labs Webpage Redesign

Loopio Labs is the research & design arm of Loopio that connects users with the designers and PMs for user testing and research. I conceptualized some ideas for redesigning the landing page, and one of the pages on the Loopio platform, with the goal to drive more people to signup.

Loopio Content Landing Pages

As part of the marketing team at Loopio, I was responsible for ideating, building, and executing on many campaigns. One of my responsibilities included designing and building many landing pages to drive conversion and leads.

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